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Gentle and hygienic washing – even at 20 °C.

Sometimes clean is just not clean enough. Unfortunately, many garments, such as sportswear, lingerie and baby garments, are simply too delicate to be washed at high temperatures. You can now take special care of them with ActiveOxygen for gentle and hygienically washing, even at 20°C. ActiveOxygen is an option that can be easily activated with most of the low temperature wash programs by just pressing a button. The integrated ActiveOxygen generator creates a special fog which enables the removal of up to 99,99% of germs and bacteria while being gentle to the clothes and textiles. ActiveOxygen technology has been certified by the independent German test institute WFK* (* Up to 99.99 % reduction of E. coli, C. albicans, S. enterica, A. brasiliensis, S. aureus, bacteriophage MS2 in the washing program “Mix 20°C” with liquid laundry detergent at recommended dosage and a load size of 4 kg – investigation MB 8626/16 dated August 19th, 2016 conducted by WFK–Institut für Angewandte Forschung GmbH)

Powerful but gentle wash for your most beloved items.

Your favourite or most delicate clothes can often end up ruined after washing. The unique, patented VarioDrum system structure uses even water distribution to gently and efficiently wash all types of clothing – without stretching, creasing or damaging your most beloved items. Depending on the selected programme, the droplet-shaped design, with asymmetrical paddles, gently rotates your laundry to the centre, regardless of the rotation direction. This not only ensures an intensive clean for more heavily soiled garments, but a quicker, more thorough clean for the entire load.

AntiVibration sidewall: more stability and less vibration.

The innovative AntiVibration design of the side walls is not only eye catching: the system also provides more stability and reduces vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch washing machines very quiet, even during the spin cycle.

DrumClean Reminder

After 20 cycles operating under 40℃, your washing machine will automatically remind you to clean the drum using the ‘DrumClean’ program. Ensuring your clothes are properly cleaned to perfection.

Save time or energy – and always get perfectly clean laundry.

Everyone wants to save energy when washing. But on some days, speed is more important. Especially when you’re in a hurry. Thanks to VarioPerfect, you can keep both options open – without compromising performance. Simply choose between the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect functions in the menu to set most of the programmes to run more quickly or more efficiently. This helps you reduce your washing time by up to 65% or your energy consumption by up to 50%*. But no matter what you decide – your washing result will always be the same: 100% perfect. (*Basis: Difference between the duration of the Cottons 40 °C programme + pressing the EcoPerfect button and the duration of the Cottons 40 °C programme + pressing the SpeedPerfect button.)

Start Delay for more flexibility.

With the 24h Start Delay, you can enjoy even more flexibility. You can preset the required time for the washing machine program to start. In this way, you can be absolutely certain that your washing will be finished exactly when you want.

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The added value washing machine with ActiveOxygen: Perfect purity for sensitive clothes at low washtemperatures.

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