Defy 8kg Condenser Dryer

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DCY8502GM – Available in Metallic

The Defy 8kg Condenser Dryer offers you a high-end 8kg drying machine furnished with every conceivable feature. This dryer comes with the sort of features you’d expect to see in machines at twice the price. Users have noted excellent drying times with this machine and are generally very pleased with their purchase. It’s easy enough to use and performs very well. Refresh your clothes by removing odour and creases with Auto Anti-creasing – getting rid of 80%* of any smells from your clothes in just 21 minutes. Defy’s A+ energy efficiency sensor drying programmes can dry 8kg laundry 24% faster than the standard program. This short program is the fastest drying in its class. It’s a hybrid type tumble dryer which merges conventional heater and sensor drying technology. Experience exceptional drying results coupled with low energy consumption from Southern Africa’s number one appliance brand.

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• 8kg drying capacity
• Condenser type dryer
• Sensor controlled
• B class energy efficiency
• 16 Programmes
• Coated drum
• 66 dBA noise level
• LCD display
• Child lock
• Time delay function
• Remaining time display
• Buzzer cancel / activate
• Filter cleaning indicator
• Auto-anti creasing
• Chrome door
• Dimensions (H x W x D)
886 x 595 x 609 mm

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